the last picture show

Untitled Painting

Art Faculty Dale Lindman announces the last exhibit to be held at the Francine Seders Gallery: “The Last Picture Show,” Norman Lundin & Dale Lindman, Dec. 6 – 24, 2013. Opening Reception Sunday, Dec. 8, 2 – 4 p.m.

“Reflecting upon Dale Lindman’s paintings, one finds they are not easily described, but what painting worth a description is? Artists’ statements and critics’ definitions are often misleading. At best they are akin to the treason of translated poetry, at worst completely irrelevant.

Maybe this is because the reason behind the creation of a painting is more often found in questions than answers. What if it was this color? What if this shape were larger or smaller? What would it look like if …?

These questions create a dialogue between painter and the act of painting that ultimately results in a painting. When the painting speaks, the painter listens; when a painter acts, the painting responds. A painter who has learned this language through years of trial and error in the studio becomes aware of how to listen to painting and how to reply when its faint voice has spoken.

Dale Lindman is such a painter. He has spent those countless hours in the studio that are the only neans of drawing the spirit from material of allowing paint to speak. It speaks of justness of placement, harmony of colors and value and contrasting texture. In fact, Dale is inseparable from his paintings. His sparkling eyes and gravelly voice find their echoes in the scintillating surfaces and rich textures of his work. He becomes his paintings and his paintings and their concern for shape, placement, color, depth and surface become him. His paintings are arrived upon, not predetermined.

The viewer who takes the time to look at Dale’s paintings and lets them speak about the light, the stillness of placement, the resonance of texture is rewarded with a wonderful gift that is so rare in today’s world of commerce and politics: reflection.”

Written by Victor Sandblom.


Last Updated April 9, 2014