Robin Bridges and Bonita Corliss are the IBIT Academic Advisors.  They advise IBIT students by appointment only.   Please call the Academic Advising center at 425-564-2212 to schedule an appointment.

For Fall quarter, we have drop in times listed for students (first come first serve) during the 2 weeks before the quarter begins.  As of September 22 we will be advising every day.

The table below contains further information.

Monday10:00 - 3:00B232425-564-2212
Tuesday8:00 - 5:00B232425-564-2212Robin Bridges
Wednesday10:00 - 3:00B232425-564-2212
Thursday8:00 - 5:00B232425-564-2212Robin Bridges
Friday10:00 - 2:30B232425-564-2212

In addition, IBIT Full time faculty are available to advise their program students.   Their Winter Quarter office hours and contact information are available on our Faculty and Staff page.