Robin Bridges and Bonita Corliss are the IBIT Academic Advisors.  They advise IBIT students by appointment only.   Please call the Academic Advising center at 425-564-2212 to schedule an appointment.

For Fall quarter, we have drop in times listed for students (first come first serve) during the 2 weeks before the quarter begins.  As of September 22 we will be advising every day.

The table below contains further information.

Monday10:00 - 3:00B232425-564-2212Bonita Corliss
Tuesday8:00 - 5:00B232425-564-2212Robin Bridges
Wednesday10:00 - 3:00B232425-564-2212Bonita Corliss
Thursday8:00 - 5:00B232425-564-2212Robin Bridges
Friday10:00 - 2:30B232425-564-2212Bonita Corliss

In addition, IBIT Full time faculty are available to advise their program students.   Their Winter Quarter office hours and contact information are available on our Faculty and Staff page.