Degrees & Certificates

We have flexible options to help you meet your educational goals. Earn a degree or certificate with us by attending classes on campus or completely online!

The information below is for the current academic year. Requirements for previous years may be different. If you are a student looking for information regarding the program requirements that you started with when you first began courses in your program, see the list of Bellevue College degree and certificate worksheets from previous years.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degrees

Bellevue College and the Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) are proud to offer students two Bachelor degree programs:
– Information Systems and Technology (IST) BAS Degree
– Data Analytics BAS Degree
– Accounting BAS Degree

Certificate Programs

Certificates of Achievement (45-60 Credits), Certificates of Accomplishment (22-44 Credits), and Certificates of Completion (10-19 Credits).