Data Analytics BAS Degree

Modern data analytics brings together tools and techniques from business, communication, graphic arts, information technology and statistics to collect, mine, interpret and represent large datasets to illustrate concepts and inform decisions. Graduates will be prepared to work as data analysts, data technicians, and in some circumstances, data managers, in a wide range of organization and industries.

Program will start Winter 2015.

Bachelor of Applied Science Data Analytics Preliminary Prerequisite List

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All students must complete the following requirements in order to be eligible for the BAS in Data Analytics:

  • Associate‚Äôs degree in Applied Accounting, Business Management or Marketing, Information Systems, Sustainable Business, Business Administration Transfer or Computer Science Transfer (or 90 equivalent credits)
  • with a minimum grade of 2.0 in all required courses (cumulative GPA 2.0)
  • Demonstrate completion of the following general education courses or their equivalent:
    • ENGL& 101
    • 5 credits of College level statistics (MATH&146, MATH 130 or equivalent)
    • 5-credits of Social Science or Humanities from AAS-DTA transfer list
    • Two sciences, including one earth, space or physical and one with a lab
    • Level one Excel proficiency (BTS 165 or CS 250 or challenge test)
    • Familiarity with databases (BTS 168 or CS 250 recommended)

Technology or math credits must not be more than 5 years old.

Data Analytics Junior/Senior Coursework

Core data analytics courses
BA 240: Statistical Analysis
DA 310: Introduction to Data Analytics
DA 320: Data Acquisition and Management
DA 4XX: Multivariate Analysis
DA 4XX: Predictive Analytics
DA 4XX: Marketing Analytics
ISIT 330: Business Intelligence Applications
ISIT 334: Data Visualization
ISIT 434 Web Analytics
DA 4XX: Elective
DA 4XX: Capstone

General Education
INST 150 or BUSIT 103 or BUS 101
CMST 340: Applied Organizational Communication
ECON 4XX: Econometrics
ENGL&235: Technical Writing
PHIL 375: Ethical Issues in IT
MATH 341 & 342: Applied Statistical methods I & II
Humanities or Social Science if needed

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