Network Services & Computing Systems (NSCOM)

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The Network Services and Computing Systems Associate in Arts degree addresses how to connect computers and other resources in a network, perform network maintenance tasks, and install and configure hardware and software in microcomputers. In addition to technical content, the degree includes skills in communication (oral, written, and listening), general business, teamwork, and problem solving.

Associate in Applied Science – T Degree

New track **** Cloud Architecture & Services ****  (As of Summer 2015, the Application Support track will no longer be available)

Cloud Services & Architecture track
Operating System Administration track
Network Administration track

Certificate of Achievement

  • Cisco Support Technician
  • Application & Desktop Support Specialist
  • Microsoft Network Support
  • Operating System Support Specialist
  • Cloud Architecture & Services — when available, a link to the worksheet will be provided.

    Cloud Architecture & Services Cert. of Achievement

    Required Courses
    ENGL& 101 English Composition I5
    PHYS 109 Science for Information Technology6
    NSCOM 201 Cisco Networking I5
    NSCOM 202 Cisco Networking II5
    NSCOM 231 Introduction to Cloud Architecture & Services 5
    NSCOM 235 Cloud Infrastructure5
    NSCOM 240 Cloud Services5
    TECH 215 PC Analysis & Configuration I5
    TECH 217 PC Analysis & Configuration II5
    Total Credits46

Certificate of Accomplishment

Gainful Employment Information

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Career Opportunities

To see some examples of what types of job titles you can obtain after completing a degree or certificate in this program, please visit the Center for Career Connections Career Pathways website.