Interior Design


The Department of Interior Design offers the following two degree paths to assist students with their educational goals.

  • A two year Associate in Arts in Interior Studies degree
  • A two year Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design degree.


Interior Design Advisors

All students are assigned an Interior Design faculty advisor. Advisors are assigned by the students last name (see below).

If your last name starts with…

A – F your advisor is Dan Beert,

G – M your advisor is Michael Culpepper,

N – S your advisor is Peter Benarcik,

T – Z your advisor is John Passmore,

International Students Only

International students should meet with their International Student Programs (ISP) advisor once they have received notification of admissions into the BAA program. Additional information can be found at



The following students are available to tutor in Revit, Sketch-Up and Adobe. Private tutoring fees may apply. Contact the tutor via email for details.

1. Sima Vahidi,, Revit

2. Tim Brewer,, Sketch-Up, Revit

3. Peter Miller,, Revit, Sketch-Up, Adobe

4. Glareh Bodin,, Revit, Sketch-Up, Adobe

5. Jasper Wang,, Revit, SketchUp

6. Diane Dieterich,, SketchUp, SU Podium, Photoshop

Class Schedules

Interior Design Class Schedules (last updated: 03/17/15

Select the quarter you want to view from the PDF links below.

Winter 2015 Schedule

Spring 2015 Schedule

Fall 2015 Schedule


Classes offered only once or twice a year

AA courses offered once or twice a year

1.  INDES 242: Fall and Spring

BAA courses offered once or twice a year

1. INDES 340: Winter and Spring

2. INDES 350: Fall

3. INDES 351: Winter

4. INDES 352: Spring and Summer (sometimes)

5. INDES 390: Spring

6. INDES 391: Winter

7. INDES 480: Fall

8. INDES 440: Spring and Fall

9. INDES 471: Fall and Winter

PDF Downloads:

Entry Codes

Certain classes offered each quarter may require entry codes if:

  • It is a special topic course
  • You’ve transferred credits from another college
  • You are trying to take a course out of sequence

To request an entry code please e-mail and include:

  • the course number, the class name and the item number
  • the quarter you are requesting a code for
  • why you need the code (you transferred credits or need to take a course out of sequence)
  • your phone number
  • your student id number

Please allow at least one business day to receive a response to your request. The entry code will be sent to YOUR BELLEVUE COLLEGE EMAIL ACCOUNT. Requests sent on Fridays or weekends may take until Tuesday to be answered.

Please don’t call the Interior Design Program office for Entry Codes.

Graduation and Applying for your Degree


Graduation and Applying for your Degree

Submit your graduation application form two quarters prior to the expected graduation date and pay the application fee. Graduation application deadlines can be found at: Prior to applying for degree or certificate completion, review your unofficial Online Degree Audit at to see if you are on track to completing the requirements by using your student ID (SID) and PIN numbers.

AA Interior Studies Graduation Application and Instructions

Link to application:

BAA Interior Design Graduation Application and Instructions

Download the paper application form at:

List Serve

We often send out information about entry codes, course offerings, registration and other relevant advising information to the list serve. So we strongly suggest you subscribe to the Interior Design List serve. Sign up instructions can be found at Interior Design Listserve Instructions_Updated Nov. 2014

PDF Downloads:

Costs and Assistance

AA Program Costs:

Tuition and Fees: For current AA courses (Lower Division Courses (299 & below) tuition and fee rates, refer to the information at: Additional college-wide mandatory fees will be in addition to the listed credit fees for Washington residents and non-residents.

BAA Program Costs:

Tuition and Fees: The Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design program is self-supporting and tuition waivers are not permitted. For current BAA upper division courses (300 & above) tuition and fee rates, refer to the information at:

Application Fee: A nonrefundable fee of $125 is required to apply to the BAA program.

Financial Aid:

To determine whether you are eligible for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. To find out more information, please visit the BC financial aid website at Students in either Interior Design degree may apply for federal, state and institutional grant funds, such as:

  • The Pell Grant
  • WA State Need Grant
  • Bellevue College-sponsored grant


Students in either Interior Design program may be eligible to apply for Bellevue College scholarships, including several scholarships specifically for Interior Design students. Scholarships are for use during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.  All BC Foundation Scholarships are for use at Bellevue College only and can be applied to tuition, fees and (in some cases) books. Visit the BC Foundation Website / Scholarship Page for instructions, application deadlines and access to the online application