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Frequently Asked Questions

When are interns available and how long do internships last?

Student interns are available year round. It is always helpful to post your internship as far in advance as possible in order for us to inform students and faculty about your opening. During the summer, some students want a full-time internship and some are looking for a part-time opportunity.

During the school year, students tend to be busier and have various responsibilities competing for their time. Many companies understand this and offer part-time internships with flexible schedules to fit their busy lives. The length of the internship is entirely dependent on your business needs, but it needs to include at least 100 work hours.

Do I have to pay my intern?

An intern can be paid or unpaid. However, since many students at Bellevue College are paying for all or part of their college expenses, meaningful internships that provide a stipend or hourly wage are highly sought after. Hourly wages vary by industry. We're happy to discuss standard wages for your industry. If you cannot pay an hourly wage, you may consider offering a one-time or monthly stipend to help offset the intern's time and travel expenses.

What are my responsibilities as an internship employer?

  • Require/verify that the student registers for credit through the Bellevue College Academic Internship Program. Click here to see how this can protect your business. Getting the intern registered will require that you complete a Training Agreement form, which is not a binding legal contract; it is simply a way to ensure that you, the intern, and the college all have a shared understanding of what will happen.
  • Supervise the intern and provide meaningful and challenging work related to the student’s area of study.
  • Ensure that internship duties match the description in the internship announcement and on the Training Agreement form.
  • Provide a safe, equal opportunity workplace that is free of sexual harassment
  • Contact the Bellevue College Internship Coordinator at any time during the internship if problems arise or the internship is terminated early:  or (425) 564-2279.
  • Complete a brief evaluation form at the end of the student’s internship (This does not impact the student's grade).

What are some characteristics of a quality internship?

  • Provide substantive and challenging work experience for students with a minimum of "gopher work."
  • Plan ahead to provide opportunities for interns to apply principles learned in and outside the classroom. Consider organizing your internship(s) around a specific goal or project.
  • Orient student interns regarding company culture, office procedures, company policies, and specific job duties.
  • Provide on-going, structured supervision by a primary supervisor (weekly preferred); opportunities for feedback; adequate opportunities for students to ask questions; and possibly a mentoring relationship.
  • Allow student interns to observe professionals in action (participate in staff and client meetings, attend presentations, and talk with professionals in the department about their jobs and career paths).
  • Identify and develop specific skills (i.e. research, writing, computer, presentation skills).
  • Provide evaluation of overall experience; provide closure through recognition of intern contributions, reflection on learning experiences, wrap-up on-going projects; provide follow-up if necessary (letters of recommendation, networking, etc).
  • Offer professional development opportunities (presentations by upper management, informational interviews with upper managers, brown bag lunch seminars), as well as social opportunities.

How does a student receive academic credit for an internship?

Employers do not award academic credit or issue a letter grade. The student will register for a class at Bellevue College called Academic Internship Experience (EXPRL 191). They can receive 2-5 credits, depending on the total number of hours worked (100 hours minimum). Click here to see how requiring that the intern registers for credit can protect your business.

The course structure is very flexible and the timing can adapt to meet your needs. Plus, the time demands are minimal. We ask that you complete a Training Agreement before the intern begins work and an Employer Evaluation at the end of the internship. Contact the Bellevue College Internship Coordinator at any time during the internship if problems arise at or (425) 564-2279.

What are the responsibilities of the intern?

As a student in the internship course, the intern will be expected to complete three assignments. If you would like further detail, you can view the Course Syllabus.

Assignment 1: Learning Objectives

(Due within the first two weeks of the internship)

The intern will meet with his/her Faculty Mentor to discuss how the internship fits with his/her academic and career goals. They will also develop three Learning Objectives. These are goals that describe what the student hopes to accomplish (to know or be able to do) by the end of the internship. The student must articulate the actions they will take to meet these goals, as well as an explanation of how they will know if they've met their goals. The intern will bring their Learning Objectives to you to review and sign.

Assignment 2: Internship Mid-Internship Reflection

(Due halfway through the internship)

Midway through the internship, your intern will complete a Mid-Internship Reflection paper and meet once again with his/her Faculty Mentor. Writing the paper will help the intern reflect on his/her internship experience and to determine whether progress is being made towards the Learning Objectives.

Assignment 3: Internship Portfolio and Final Meeting

(Due within two weeks of completing the internship)

When the internship is complete, the student will compile a portfolio which demonstrates their progress and accomplishments. The portfolio will include the Learning Objectives, Mid-Internship Reflection paper, a brief Job Description, a Problem-Action-Result statement, and a Final Paper. The intern will have a final meeting with the Faculty Mentor and the Internship Coordinator in which he/she will make an informal presentation of the internship and answer questions regarding his/her performance and future plans. You are invited to participate in this meeting. At the end of the internship, please take a moment to complete the Employer Evaluation form and sign the intern's timesheet to verify the number of internship hours completed.


We have developed a program designed to be flexible and responsive to the business community. If your questions are not answered here, please contact the Bellevue College Internship Coordinator at or (425) 564-2279.