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After Hiring an Intern

  1. Contact Us: Please contact the Internship Coordinator at (425) 564-2279 or This helps us keep our internship listings current, helps develop the relationship between BC and your organization, and helps us ensure that the student registers for academic credit.
  2. Training Agreement: The intern and the supervisor will need to complete the Training Agreement form and return it to the Internship Coordinator. She will help the intern get registered and pair him/her with a Faculty Mentor. The intern can begin working as soon as he/she is registered. Visit Posting an Internship page to see how requiring that the intern registers for credit can protect your business.
  3. Site Visit: We will conduct a short, informal visit to answer any questions you or the intern may have, as well as to gain a better understanding of the intern's working conditions and role at the organization.
  4. Check In: Halfway through the internship, the Internship Coordinator will contact you to verify that things are going well and see if you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact the Internship Coordinator any time before, during, or after the internship.
  5. Evaluation: When the internship is over, you will be asked to complete a short evaluation of the student's performance. This will not impact the student's grade.

Internship Coordinator: or (425) 564-2279