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Internship Process

Step 1

The student attends an internship information session led by the Bellevue College Internship Coordinator (call 425-564-2279 to schedule an appointment).

Topics covered include:

  • Academic Internship Program requirements
  • Resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills
  • How to find and apply for internships
  • Tips for a successful internship

Step 2

The student polishes his/her resume and then searches for internships on the CONNECT! web site. To apply for a specific position, the student sends the Internship Coordinator his/her resume and any other required documents.

Step 3

The Internship Coordinator sends the student’s documents to his/her contact at the company. If the company is interested, they will contact the student to schedule an interview.

Step 4

Once an offer is made, the student and employer need to complete the Academic Internship Program Training Agreement. The student may also complete the Academic Internship Program Scholarship Application, if they would like assistance paying for the course tuition.

Step 5

The student registers for EXPRL 191, 192, or 193, writes his/her 3 learning objectives, and selects a Faculty Mentor.

Step 6

The student and mentor meet and create or revise the learning objectives. The mentor emails the Internship Coordinator once this is done.

Step 7

The student shares the learning objectives with the employer to ensure that the employer’s expectations match those of the student.

Step 8

The student and mentor meet and discuss the mid-internship reflection paper. The mentor emails the Internship Coordinator once this is done.

Step 9

The student schedules a final meeting with the Faculty Mentor, the Internship Coordinator, and the internship site supervisor (if available). At the meeting, the student presents a summary of his/her internship and explains how he/she met the learning objectives. The Internship Coordinator and Faculty Mentor ask the student questions related to the internship experience and the student’s career pathway.

Step 10

The Internship Coordinator issues a letter grade for the class and the Faculty Mentor receives a stipend for participating.

For you convenience find the above information in a .pdf document
Internship Process (.pdf)