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The Academic Internship Program at Bellevue College (BC) allows you to acquire course credit while working and learning in a professional environment. You are able to apply the knowledge you have gained in the classroom in a work setting, thus enriching the learning experience. BC works with companies, community organizations, and governments agencies to provide our students with internships that are flexible, student-centered, and learning-intensive.

Visit our student feedback page to learn about some of the benefits of our program and what some of our interns have accomplished.

Academic Credit


At BC we consider internships to be important for student development and career exploration, and we recognize the learning that takes place in an internship.

We require that student interns sign up for course credit
through BC's Academic Internship Program.

BC interns register for Experiential Learning (EXPRL) 191: Academic Internship Experience. This is not a class where you sit in a classroom, but it is an individualized program designed to enhance your internship. You will complete some short writing assignments, and have a couple of one-on-one meetings with a Faculty Mentor and the Internship Coordinator. You will receive 1-5 academic credits, depending on how many total hours you worked at your internship, and receive a letter grade at the end of the class.

Internship Scholarship


Historically, BC has been able to provide scholarships to help students pay for the cost of the class tuition. This scholarship may not be applied to any other courses.

Getting Started


This web site contains important information about how to find an internship, how to get registered for credit, and how to make the most out of your experience.