Medical Insurance

As a condition of participating in the International Student Programs, all F-1 visa holders who are full-time on the Bellevue College’s I-20 are required to join the Bellevue College-contracted medical insurance plan every quarter including approved vacation and Reduced Course Load (RCL) terms.

Bellevue College (BC) defines full-time as a minimum of 12 credits per quarter for the college level program, and a minimum of 20 hours in the Intensive English (ESL) program.

What type of insurance does BC offer?

Through Firebird International Insurance Group, LLC,BC offers an accident and sickness plan that is underwritten by BCS Insurance Company, and student claims are administered by HTH Worldwide Insurance Service Inc. Please go to to view and print the coverage information.

This insurance plan will provide reliable and ample coverage for all non-immigrant international students while studying at BC. In the event of a major sickness or accident, the BC-contracted insurance agent will provide professional and timely services for you and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to handle all of your insurance needs.

This insurance’s coverage does not cover dental and vision. Bellevue College does not waive the quarterly medical insurance fee, regardless if a student purchases a medical plan from their own country. There is a $15 co-pay for visits to a doctor within the health plan coverage.

Some students are not eligible to enroll in this plan.

They are:

  1. U.S. citizens,
  2. Permanent Residents (i.e., green card holder) in the USA,
  3. Non-immigration visa holders who are not on BC’s I-20,
  4. Unauthorized part-time students,
  5. Optional Practical Training students,
  6. No course load (0 credit) RCL students beyond first approved term, and
  7. Distance education students taking all online and/or televised courses.

Students who are unsure about the eligibility should contact the Firebird International Insurance Group at 206-909-8550 or