College governance of technology resources also takes place in committees and task forces comprised of representatives from faculty, staff, and student groups.

Student Technology Fee Oversight Committee

The purpose of this committee is to review reports on technology expenses, revenues and fund balances related to the student technology fee. The administration also provides information about overall technology staffing and expenses funded by the college through other sources to show the college’s commitment to students by providing technology beyond what is funded by the technology fee. The committee also provides guidance and recommendations to the director of Computing Services about future expenditures and the implementation of emerging technologies.

Technology Advisory Committee

Advisory to the Vice President of Information Technology Services, the Technology Advisory Committee reviews BC technology strategies. The purpose of this committee is to work with students, staff and administration to further integrate and advance the dialogue of technology at Bellevue College. Any Bellevue College student is welcomed to submit technology requests through their ASG Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Rep.

Last Updated December 10, 2014