Using the LMC

Cell Phones

We are currently revising our cell phone policy. Please check back for updates.

Copy Machines

There are two coin-operated photocopiers in the Library Media Center. These machines accept coins and $1 and $5 bills. Copies cost 10 cents a page. Double-sided copies and 11 x 17 copies are 20 cents each.

Food and Drink

We are currently revising our food and drink policy. Please check back for updates.

Library Cards

We don’t require a library card to check out materials. When you want to borrow an item from the library, you will use your student ID number as identification.


The library is a large place! View our Library Media Center Map

Need help finding a location on campus? Here’s a map of the BC campus


Printing is available in the library; use your student account of 150 free pages per quarter. For members of the public, we offer three computers which have printing available for 10 cents per page.

Reflection Room

The Reflection Room, located on the first floor of the Library Media Center, is a place for quiet reflection. The room is open to all students for reflection purposes. Individuals are not allowed to post anything in the room and no personal belongings should be left in the room. We ask that all individuals respect the privacy of anyone who uses this room.

Study Rooms

There are 16 study rooms of varying size in the Library Media Center. Rooms are first come, first served; you cannot reserve a room. If you are studying in a room alone and a group comes, you will be asked to move.

Study Zones

The Library Media Center space is divided into sections depending on your study needs.

  • The Collaborative zone is located on the first floor of the library. Non-disruptive talking and group activities are allowed.
  • The Quiet zone is most of the second floor of the library. Quiet conversation is allowed.
  • The Silent zone is on the south end of the second floor of the library. Silent, individual study only.


There is wireless internet available throughout the Library Media Center. Simply open a browser and click OK to accept the terms. Wireless is available to students and visitors. Bellevue College also participates in the Eduroam wireless network consortium, which is more secured than the open BC network.