Library Media Center Tour

LMC Map of Circulation DeskCirculation Desk

As you enter the library, to the right is the Circulation Desk. The Circulation staff can assist you in checking out materials and can answer any questions you may have about your library records. To check out materials at the BC Library Media Center you will need to know your Student ID number.

The Circulation Desk also houses Reserve Materials. Reserve materials are items used for specific courses that have been brought to the library by instructors. Most Reserve Materials have a limited check out period, and many items are for library use only. If you need to phone the Circulation Desk to ask about your library records or reserve items, the phone number is 425-564-2252.

The Copy Center, located just past the Circulation Desk, houses two photocopy machines.
LMC Map of Reference DeskReference Desk

The large circle desk in the center of the library is the Reference Desk. At the Reference Desk you can ask a Reference Librarian for assistance in finding library materials or researching a topic. Reference Librarians are happy to answer any question that you may have, so please stop by and ask.

You may also contact a Reference Librarian via phone or email. The phone number for the Reference Desk is 425-564-6161 and the email address is
LMC Map of Media CenterMedia Center

As you enter the library to the left you will see the Media Center. The Media Center houses and circulates the audiovisual collection, telecourse videos, media reserve materials and media equipment. The audiovisual collection includes DVDs, videos, cassette tapes and records and can be found in the tall bookshelves. You can also check out laptops to use in the library!

There are 15 individual media viewing carrels and 3 group viewing rooms, as well as an editing suite. Students can watch DVDs and Videos in the library, but these items may not be checked out for home use.
LMC Map of ComputersComputers

As you proceed past the Circulation and Reference Desks you will come to the area with computer workstations. The Library Media Center has over 30 computers that you can use to find information in library resources and provide access to the Internet.

Printing from the computers in the library costs 10 cents per page.

Wireless Internet access is available in the Library Media Center.
LMC Map of Special CollectionsSpecial Collections

Across from the computer workstations you will find 4 rows of short bookshelves. These bookshelves contain the English-as-a-Second Language collection, a collection of books for New Readers, Paperback books, Audio Books, Plays, and Newspapers. There is also a section containing materials related to the current BC Reads book.

Most of the items in the special collections can be checked out and taken home. ESL materials, New Reader books, Paperbacks, Plays and Audio Books check out for 3 weeks. The BC Reads collection of books check out for one week. Newspapers do not check out and must remain in the library.
LMC Map of Reference CollectionReference Collection

At the very far end of the library’s first floor you will find the Reference Collection. Reference books include dictionaries, atlases, general encyclopedias, and subject encyclopedias (like the Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice).

Since so many students will need to use information contained in reference books, they must be used in the library and do not check out. You are welcome to make photocopies of information that you find in Reference Books.
LMC Map of Circulating CollectionCirculating Collection

Head to the second floor of the library and you will find the main Circulating Book collection. There are three main sections of Circulating books, one section is to the north of the staircases and the other two sections are south of the staircases. The Circulating collection is organized using the Library of Congress Classification System. If you need help locating a book in the Circulating collection, please ask a Reference Librarian for assistance.

Circulating Books can be checked out for three weeks, and can be renewed for an additional three week period as long as no one else is waiting to use the book.
LMC Map of Periodical CollectionPeriodical Collection (Magazines and Scholarly Journals)

While there are some periodicals on display near the Reference Desk on the first floor of the library, most of the library’s Periodicals are on the second floor of the library. The Periodicals are organized alphabetically, by the title of the periodical. You can check out Periodicals for one week.

The library subscribes to a fairly small number of periodicals in print, but we have access to thousands of periodicals through our electronic databases such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest.
LMC Map of Study SpacesStudy Spaces

The Library Media Center has many individual and group study spaces for you to use. You’ll find individual study carrels scattered throughout the first and second floor of the library. There are 12 group study rooms of varying size on the first floor of the library. There is also a large open study area at the north end of the library’s first floor. Study areas on the first floor of the library are for collaborative work, non-disruptive conversations are OK!

The second floor of the library is for quiet study and is home to 7 additional study rooms. Study rooms can't be reserved, they are available on a first come, first served basis. At the south end of the library’s second floor is the individual silent study area.

We hope that this information will help you navigate the library and help you understand some of the resources that are available to you. Still have questions? We can help!

personVisit Us! Come talk to us in person in the Library Media Center, D126, during the library’s open hours.

phoneCall Us! Calling us is a quick way to talk with a librarian when the library is open. The Reference Desk number is 425-564-6161.

emailEmail Us! Send us an email and we’ll reply to you as soon as we can. If you email when the library is closed, we will respond once we are open:

Last Updated July 30, 2014