4 P’s of Success

College is challenging and can be very difficult, but you can achieve success! Here are 4 essential skills that will help you reach your end goal of graduating successfully. Remember you must always eat your P’s!


  • Means arriving to class on time with all the materials you need for the course.
  • Instructors take notice of late students because of the distraction they cause to the classroom environment. As a result some instructors might be less likely to help you when needed.
  • This also means that you miss valuable information that was given to the class. Sometimes everything that you to know for the course is not given through the syllabus and the book. Not being on time for class means you may not even be aware that you missed something until it is too late!


  • Means being actively involved in the teacher lectures, discussions, and any other class activities.
  • Instructors notice students that actively participate in the classroom and often are willing to help them beyond the class time and office hours.
  • Students that participate actively often receive higher grades because of their involvement.


  • Means doing all class work before it should be turned in to the instructor.
  • Means the student should understand how much time needed to study for exams and study in advance.
  • Means preparing your mind to do your best every day.
  • Means organizing your time around the instructor’s class objectives.


  • Means displaying excellent qualities that gives a strong impression to instructors and peers in the classroom learning environment.
  • Means doing all of the first 3 P’s to the best of your ability.
  • Means students stand out because of their excellent work and moral behavior.