Comprehensive Success Initiative

Created at the request of students, faculty, and staff of color, CSI is a culturally-responsive year-long college success initiative for new students of color with a special emphasis on African American and Latino/a students. Instruction and curriculum design is based on principles of multicultural pedagogy.

Who is eligible for CSI?

Currently new first-time-to-college and transfer African American and Latino/a students who have assessed into the following English classes: Developmental English 071/072/073/074 (STEPS) and 092/ 093. We are planning to expand the eligibility to continuing students who are facing challenges in the classroom.

Why CSI?

Increased GPA and community building: Students who started in Fall 2011 cohort earned an average GPA of 2.45 and had a year over year retention of 89%.

What a few of the CSI students are saying:

  • “I learned that I too can be successful in college if I have the right skills and habits. This class taught me how to study better.”
  • “I did not know what it took to be successful in college until now. Thank you for making me part of CSI.”
  • “This is just what I needed to get started at BC. I have friends I can study with who understand where I am coming from.”

Benefits of Partcipation

Social and Relational

  1. Be part of a very special group of academically successful students
  2. Experience being part of an academic and social group
  3. Opportunity to develop fellowship, and support with other students and staff who are part of this initiative
  4. Invitation and priority consideration for selected Student Conferences, programs, and Luncheons
  5. A designated faculty/staff mentor who can serve as your personal guide and mentor
  6. Facilitate communication with your instructors and look out for your academic well being
  7. Problem solving for other important issues that impact your academic and personal success at Bellevue College.


  1. Option to re-assess in Math and English for FREE
  2. Priority selection into TRiO program for eligible students. TRiO eligible (1st generation college student registered for 12 or more credits).
  3. TRiO Program gives you access to: textbooks, laptops, borrowing graphing calculators, university visits, and a computer lab dedicated to your use
  4. FREE assessment of your Personality Style, Career Interests, and College readiness skills
  5. Once a month session with your Multicultural Services academic coach to assess your academic and non-academic needs
  6. MCS tutoring in Math, English, and other subjects


  1. Scholarship application assistance
  2. Assistance with Financial Aid deadlines and paperwork
  3. Assistance with managing your money