Local Food: San Juan Island Sea Salt – KBCS Report

San Juan Island Sea Salt is a local sea salt farm on Seattle’s San Juan Island. In this KBCS local food segment, the company’s founder Brady Ryan explains how sea salt is farmed and how it differs from table salt.

The Impact of a High School “Lunch Lady”- KBCS Report

Do you ever catch yourself questioning how you can possibly make a difference in another person’s life? Lunch lady Valerie Galmish is retiring from being the lunchroom manager at Bellevue’s Big Picture School. KBCS’s Yuko Kodama speaks with her about her work, and Galmish shares why she is so passionate about grasping each opportunity to connect with the students she serves.

#SEAHomeless: Fleeing Home from Domestic Violence – KBCS Report

When KBCS asked eastside homeless services how homelessness looks on the eastside versus west of lake Washington, we were told that eastside homeless doesn’t usually look like cardboard signs at freeway on-ramps and sleeping bags on the street. They said it looks more like the commuter in work clothes on the bus or in line with you to buy coffee.

Healthcare is a Top Job Producer

Career Connection Providing Bellevue College students with career exploration, job search tips, opportunity alerts, and industry updates.   Healthcare is a Top Job Producer If you are looking for a career path with a healthy future, consider a career in healthcare. According to the Department of Labor, healthcare employment continues to trend up. In 2016, …more about Healthcare is a Top Job Producer

Unmute the Commute: Rainier Ave, 1.5 Accidents a Day. No More. – KBCS Report

Do you know what the most dangerous street in all of Seattle is? Chances are you’re thinking of Aurora, or maybe Lake City Way. But you may be surprised to learn that it’s Rainier Ave S. And, you may be even more surprised to learn how extensive the problem is – on average, there are 1.5 traffic collisions each day on Rainier Ave S. On today’s Unmute the Commute, this is Part 1 in a 2-part series. Today, walk with us down Rainier Ave. Produced by Hebah Fisher.