Academic Options

The Bellevue College (BC) Nuclear Medicine Technology program offers an Associate in Arts degree. Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to apply to take the national certification exams as well as Washington State licensure. Students who earn this degree may then opt to pursue the bachelor of applied science in radiation and imaging sciences (BAS) now offered at Bellevue College. One of the concentrations within the BAS is in Nuclear Medicine.


The curriculum covers performance of a wide variety of imaging and therapeutic procedures, preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals, explanations of procedures and their risks, and analysis of the results of each study. Students work with a number of radiation detection systems, including gamma cameras and positron emission tomography systems. Students also work with computers that analyze data from imaging studies, in addition to those used for administrative tasks.

Coursework will include principles and procedures in computed tomography, which is frequently done in conjunction with nuclear medicine procedures. Most important, students work directly with patients, helping to ease their anxiety as well as diagnose their ailments.

Associate in Arts, Nuclear Medicine Technology Degree Requirements

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