ADN Frequently Asked Questions

How may I request or where may I get detailed information about the nursing program?

Detailed information about the Nursing Program is available on our Application Guidelines. This document includes deadline dates, prerequisite information, an overview of the program, and selection criteria to help plan prerequisite and general education courses.

How do I get advising for the Nursing Program?

The Nursing Program offers group advising sessions every month. For specific dates and times please review the Advising page or call our office at (425) 564-2012. The program and application details are reviewed at these advising sessions. No pre-registration is required.

When and how may I apply to the program?

Please see the Application Instructions.

How may I get more direct/indirect patient care experience?

For the purpose of selection direct patient care is defined as someone who provides for Assisted Daily Living (ADLs) (ie bath and vital signs) in a hospital or nursing home. Indirect patient care is defined as someone who draws blood or gives respiratory treatments in a hospital, nursing home or clinic. Examples for direct patient care are Nurse’s Aid (CNA) or EMT. Examples of indirect patient care are Phlebotomists, Medical Technicians and RTs.

Training for some of these professions such as Nursing Assistant Certified and Phlebotomist may be done through Continuing Nursing Education at Bellevue College. Many other community and technical colleges in the area also offer medical programs. For a complete listing see the Center for Information website at:

Do you offer an LPN or LPN transition program?

No. We do not offer a program for students pursuing education as a LPN or an LPN-RN transition program at this time. Schools in this area offering a LPN program include: Bates Technical College, Green River Community College, Lake Washington Technical College, North Seattle Community College and Renton Technical College.

How may I get my BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing)?

Bellevue College (BC) has an articulation agreement with the UW Bothell campus. The financial impact to you will be lessened by completing 2 years at BC, being successful on NCLEX and then completing the remaining year at UW Bothell. For more information please see their website at