Program Facts



Course Fees

HESI Assessment Tools$322.00 (one time fee)
Lab Maintenance $21.50 per quarter
Malpractice Insurance$23.50 per quarter
Clinical Consortium$100 per year

Other Expenses

Uniform and Supplies (scrubs, lab coat, white leather shoes, stethoscope, nurse pack, and other equipment)$400.00 (Estimate)
Textbooks$1500-$1800 (Estimate)
Background Check Report$55 (1st Year)
If you lived in Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New York, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming, additional fee will be charged.
Washington State Patrol Criminal History Record Report$10 (annual)
CertifiedBackground Profile$35 (one time fee)



We do not offer a program for students pursuing education as a LPN or an LPN-RN transition program at this time. Schools in this area offering a LPN program include: Bates Technical College, Green River Community College, Lake Washington Technical College, North Seattle Community College and Renton Technical College.

Direct/Indirect Patient Care Experience

For the purpose of selection direct patient care is defined as someone who provides for Assisted Daily Living (ADLs) (ie bath and vital signs) in a hospital or nursing home. Indirect patient care is defined as someone who draws blood or gives respiratory treatments in a hospital, nursing home or clinic. Examples for direct patient care are Nurse’s Aid (CNA) or EMT. Examples of indirect patient care are Phlebotomists, Medical Technicians and RTs.

Training for some of these professions such as Nursing Assistant Certified and Phlebotomist may be done through Continuing Nursing Education at Bellevue College. Many other community and technical colleges in the area also offer medical programs. For a complete listing see the Center for Information website at:

Last Updated December 16, 2015