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Reading Workshops – Summer 2015

Date posted: July 16, 2015

Opportunities to learn effective, flexible strategies for college-level reading: Tips for reading your textbook, Summarizing what you read, Annotating and taking notes, and more!

Volunteer Opportunities at the Aki Matsuri Festival – FRI 9/11-SUN 9/13/15

Date posted: July 16, 2015

400 Volunteers are needed for: Set up, Take down, T-Shirt sales, Assist Shinto ceremony, Mascot character, Information booth, Raffle sales, Hospitality room, Yatai food team, And more!

Electric LEAF Available

Date posted: July 8, 2015

Electric LEAF available for Check Out at $5 per hour.   Exciting News for all of us who don’t have an electric car of our own: the Nissan LEAF of Bellevue College’s own Enterprise CarShare fleet is now available for personal use!And it gets better…From April all the way through September (that’s six months) you …more about Electric LEAF Available

Safe Space

Date posted: May 19, 2015

The Bellevue College Office of International Education should be considered a safe space for ALL students. Everyone is welcome at OIE and you can feel free to talk to the staff confidentially. There are several SAFE SPACE offices around campus which are known by this sign. These signs indicate the office of someone who will be understanding, and trustworthy …more about Safe Space

Find Your Next Apartment Here AND GET A $200 REWARD!

Date posted: March 12, 2015

Find Your Next Apartment Here AND GET A $200 REWARD! Are you looking for an apartment?   Click here to search for apartments, condos or townhouses near you and qualify for a $200 reward from “Apartmentsearch” after you’ve signed a lease.  There are many apartments in the Bellevue College area available so now is a good time …more about Find Your Next Apartment Here AND GET A $200 REWARD!