Newsletter, Vol 2 – Mar 10, 2014

Date posted: March 10, 2014

New International Student Success Center:


On January 21, Nick, Sabeen, and Linda moved into the new International Student Success Center, which is the portable next to House 6.  The Center will also be the place to find new advisors at ISP in the future.  It has a reception area with a touch-screen kiosk and a flat screen TV, and will also have a new conference room. To better respect your privacy, you’ll be able to meet your advisor in his or her own office.

House 6 remains the main ISP building. If you have an appointment with your advisor, you may go directly to the Center and wait in the reception area.  If you need to make an appointment, get your I-20 signed, or receive other services, please continue to come to House 6. Electronic requests can also be made with online forms.

Common Advising Qs & As:

Question 1: I received a “D” grade in a math class in Fall 2013 and am retaking the same course in Winter ’14.  If I get a better grade in Winter, what do I need to do?

Answer 1: Go to and fill out the online form to submit the Repeated class request to the Enrollment Services.

Question 2:  I am in the intensive ESL program and already missed several days of classes due to flu.  What should I do?

Answer 2: Talk to all of your ESL teachers and explain the situation. Ask if your teachers allow you to make up work. Days you missed may still be counted as absences, but it is very important for you to speak with your teachers. Don’t just give up and skip classes. If you think your illness is very serious, go to the doctor and contact ISP for more information.

When you have questions, please contact the ISP office.

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