Newsletter – May 2014

Date posted: June 9, 2014
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Summer Class registration starts on

May 5 (Mon)

Summer 2014 Credit Classes

Fall Class registration starts on

May 19 (Mon)

Fall 2014 Credit Classes

2014 International Night was a huge success!

International Night was a big success!  Hundreds of Bellevue College (BC) students, alumni, administrators, ISP staff, and friends from the community came together to celebrate our rich cultural diversity.

The International Student Association (iSA) and 50+ volunteers worked extremely hard, and it certainly paid off. The evening started out with a variety of delicious appetizers while guests socialized with friends and took photos artistically decorated by the volunteers. Flash Mob brought the fun and excitement to the entire auditorium to hype up the guests and set the tone for the evening. Things really heated up when the professional Brazilian performers invited guests of all ages on stage to learn to dance the Samba. Everyone had a big smile on their faces and saw themselves come closer together through their own mistakes and laughter. Two very talented Vietnamese students played the guitar and sang a beautiful song called “Hello, Vietnam”. One of the many highlights of the night was the “Parade of Nations,” where students proudly wore their traditional clothing to represent and share their cultural heritage. Throughout the evening, raffle tickets were drawn, which added further to the excitement of the night. Some of the generous donations included a Samsung Galaxy tablet, a free one-night stay at the Bellevue Marriott Hotel with dinner, many gift baskets, tennis lessons, and more. Special heartfelt thanks to Student Programs, BC Foundation, Events and Facilities, Public Safety, ISP staff, and all of our generous donors. A job well done, iSA!  Keep up your good work!! 

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Three ISP Students were elected as Associated Student Government (ASG) Officers for the 2014-15 Academic Year

  • Maria Chebanova ASG VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism
  • Hével Fernández:  ASG VP of Finance and Communication
  • Hsueh Wei Tai:  ASG Marketing and Public Relations Representative

Election results are available at: Associated Student Government

Congratulations to all of you! 

ISP looks forward to working closely with you!!

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Take Advantage of “ASK ISP” Service in the C-Building:

Do you have questions you want to ask ISP but don’t want to walk over to the ISP office (House 6), especially in the rain? The weather is getting nicer, so you may not mind the walk to House 6, but ISP is coming to you! Day:  Every Wednesday (From May 7 to June 11, ’14) Time:  11:30am – 12:20pm Location:  Cafeteria or Student Programs (We’ll alternate.) Purpose:  ISP wants to get to know you better, listen to your ideas, answer questions and provide quick services.

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Get Ready for Summer and Fall Class Registration!

Tips for successful class registration.

  1. Know your registration appointment date and time in advance.
  1. Meet with an ISP or academic advisor for academic planning now.  Meet with an advisor now to review your academic/degree plan, select courses to take in summer and/or fall, and be ready to register exactly at your appointment time.
  1. Take care of blocks. If you have an unpaid parking fine or overdue library books, your registration account is blocked. ISP cannot remove these blocks.
  1. Clear prerequisites for the courses you plan to take.
  1. Prepare to pay your tuition and fees for Summer.  Summer tuition and fees are due no later than seven calendar days after registration, or by the first day of the quarter, whichever comes first. Fall tuition and fees are due on August 11.

Note:  ISP will be short staffed during the week of May 27, ’14. Please plan accordingly.

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Attention Current Bridge and Integrated Skills 5 students!

ISP advisors will be holding the “Three-Day Transition Advising & Registration” sessions starting from May 12.  Be advised, select classes early!

Dates:  May 12 – 14, 2014 Time:  10:30am to 12:00pm & 4:00pm to 5:30pm Room:  D-240-L, 2nd floor of the library

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Summer Vacation Request:

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Ordinance No. 6128 & 6152: Important Housing Information in the City of Bellevue 

  • Are you renting an apartment, townhome, or a single-family dwelling house with more than 4 roommates in Bellevue?
  • If yes, this may have a big impact on your current housing situation.

Q1. What does the Ordinance (Rule) 6128/6252 mean to me?

A1.  City of Bellevue has updated a rule to lower the number of unrelated people who can live together as a family from 6 persons to 4 adults while retaining the ability for any number of related persons to live as a family.

Q2.  What does “related persons” mean?

A2. Ordinance 6128 defines “family” as: one or more adult persons related by blood, marriage, or legal adoption.

Q3. What if I am sharing an apartment, townhome or a house with more than 4 unrelated adults now in Bellevue, what do I do?

A3.  Effective July 1, 2014, sharing a room or house with more than 4 unrelated adults is not allowed unless unrelated adults function as a family*. ISP recommends you speak with your apartment manager or home owner and find out how they plan to follow the rule. *For example, a group of more than 4 unrelated adult persons can produce proof of sharing expenses for food, rent, or ownership cost, utilities, and other household items, share common ownership of furniture and appliances among themselves.

Q4.  I am sharing an apartment with one roommate in Bellevue. Do I have to do anything about this? 

A4.  No, and keep the number of unrelated adults living in the same place under 4 at all times.

Q5.  I am living with a host family, and there are two other students living in the same household besides myself.  Is it OK? 

A5.  If total number of unrelated adults living in the house is fewer than 4, it should be fine.  E.g., Host mother (1st), Student #1 (2nd), Student #2 (3rd), and you (4th). These rules are in effect now; however, there are many uncertainties. In collaboration with the Office of Sustainability, ISP will inform you as frequently and accurately as possible. For more info, go to

Also contact the Life Coordinator at ISP for questions.

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Metro Bus Service Cuts are Coming

Many BC students, faculty, and staff use Metro bus as their primary transportation every day.  However, due to budget cuts and lack of new funding support, Metro has no choice but to cut its service level to balance the budget. Per the King County Metro website, Metro will be cutting 72 routes and change 84 routes.  If the King County Council approves the cuts, the reductions will happen in 4 phases over a year, starting September 2014.  For BC students and employees, the most impacted bus routes are 271, 245, 221, and 240.  See the attached detailed changes and alternatives for the reduction. The Council’s Transportation, Economy, and Environmental Committee will host the Public Meeting on Transit Cuts in Bellevue. Date:  Thurs., May 15, 2014 Time:  5:30pm(sign in) and 6:00pm public testimony Location:  Bellevue City Hall 450 110th Ave NE, Bellevue

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Are you going to take a Physical Education (PE) class?

Important announcement about the Participant Assumption of Risk Notice Form for PE classes: BC’s Physical Education (PE) classes now require all students to sign the Participant Assumption of Risks Notice and submit it to the instructor within the first few days.  Student ages 16 and 17 must get their parent’s signature via fax or e-mail. Please let ISP know if you need help with the form.

Open Gym – Every Friday between 8:30am and 2:30pm: BC gym is open every Friday during the hours of 8:30am to 2:30pm for students. Bring your friends and play basketball, badminton, or use whatever equipment they have available in the gym. This is a great chance to make new friends.

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Upcoming Events

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Common Advising Q & A

Question 1:  I am a college level F-1 student at BC.  Can I take less than 12 credits or take all online classes during my vacation quarter?

Answer 1: Yes!  However, a vacation quarter must first be approved by an ISP advisor. Follow these steps:

  1. Notify ISP you would like to take a vacation quarter (example: Take Summer Quarter off.)
  2. Pay the insurance for your vacation quarter and be sure to enroll full-time (12 credits) for the quarter after vacation.
  3. Fill out Request to Take a Quarter Off form (at ISP or online:
  4. Wait to hear from ISP that your vacation quarter is approved.

REMEMBER: If your vacation quarter is not approved, you are not approved for an exception to full-time status.  You must remain a full-time student (minimum 12 credits, at least 7 credits on-campus.)  If you have question, ask ISP!

When you have questions, please contact the ISP office by telephone at 425-564-3185 or visit us at House 6.

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For more information, please contact: ISP Front Desk

Phone: (425) 564-3185

Fax: (425) 641-0246