General Program Information



Transfer Associate Degrees:

  • A transfer associate degree is the freshman + sophomore year of a bachelor’s degree. These classes are often called “lower division courses”.
  • After completing a transfer associate degree, students can transfer to any 4-year university or college in the U.S. That is when students complete the junior + senior year. These classes are often called “upper division courses”.
  • For a list of available transfer associate degrees at BC, click here!

iStock_000015653759XSmall-300x216Professional/Technical Degrees and Certificates:

  • For students who wish to learn about a specific field of work and get hands on experience. These degrees and certificates are not for students who wish to transfer to a university.
  • Certificates vary in length. For students with an F-1 visa, we recommend that you choose a certificate that is at least 45 credits.
  • For a list of professional/technical degrees and certificates, click here! 

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Additional Info and Requirements:

  • It generally takes at least 2 years to complete an associate’s degree. It may take longer depending on the degree.
  • It generally takes 6-18 months to earn a certificate. It depends on the number of credits in the certificate program, and availability of classes.
  • All F-1 international students in an associate’s degree or certificate program are required to register for at least 12 credits each quarter. There are 3 required quarters each school year.
  • Fall, winter, and spring classes are about 11 weeks long.
  • Summer classes are about 8 weeks long. However, you have to learn just as much!

Last Updated September 8, 2016