Application Requirements


IMG_0966F-1 Visas: Click here!

  • Applying for an F-1 visa
  • Already have an F-1 visa
  • Transferring from a US college, US university, or US English language school with an F-1 visa
  • This does NOT include concurrent students. Concurrent students please select the non-F1 visa option below


DSC_3308Non-F1 Visas and Concurrent Students: Click here!

  • J visas, TD visas, R visas, and other non-immigrant visas
  • Concurrent students:
    • Concurrent students have an I-20 from a different college or university
    • Concurrent students do not want to transfer for a degree at Bellevue College
    • Concurrent students want to take part-time classes at Bellevue College

Last Updated September 20, 2016