College Level (Associate & Certificate) Programs


What is it?

For a bachelor’s degree:


  • Complete one of the Transfer Associate’s Degrees at Bellevue College (BC).
  • A transfer associate’s degree is the freshman + sophomore year of a bachelor’s degree (the first 2 years of a bachelor’s). These classes are often called “lower division” courses.
  • Then students can transfer to any 4-year university or college in the U.S. That is when students complete the junior + senior year. These classes are often called “upper division” courses.
  • We offer a variety of associate’s degrees and certificate programs. For a list of our programs, please visit our website:
  • For general requirements of the transfer associate degrees at BC, please visit
Students who wish to join the workforce:
  • Students can choose to complete an Associate in Arts (AA) degree or various certificate programs in their field of interest.
  • To view the Professional Technical degrees and certificate programs offered at BC, please visit

How long?DSC_3336

  • It takes at least 2 years to complete an associate’s degree. It may take longer depending on the degree.
  • It takes about 3-18 months to earn a certificate. It depends on the certificate program.
  • All F-1 international students in an associate’s degree or certificate program are required to register for at least 12 credits each quarter. There are 3 required quarters each school year.
  • During fall, winter, and spring quarters classes are about 11 weeks long.
  • During summer quarter, classes are only 7 weeks long. However, you have to learn just as much!

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Age Requirements

Last Updated October 23, 2015