Accepted Students

 Fall '14Winter '15Spring '15Summer '15
Suggested Arrival DateSept 4, 2014Dec 23, 2014Mar 26, 2015Jun 18, 2015
Check-in & OrientationSept 8, 2014Dec 29, 2014Mar 31, 2015Jun 23, 2015
Group Advising & RegistrationSept 8
between 2pm & 4pm

Sept 9 to Sept 11
between 10am & 4pm
Dec 29
between 2pm & 4pm

Dec 30 & Dec 31
between 10am & 4pm
Mar 31
between 2pm & 4pm

Apr 1 to Apr 3
between 10am & 4pm
Jun 23
between 2pm & 4pm

Jun 24 & Jun 25
between 10am & 4pm
Classes StartSept 22, 2014Jan 5, 2015Apr 6, 2015Jul 1, 2015
Classes EndDec 10, 2014Mar 25, 2015Jun 19, 2015Aug 13, 2015

Important Notes

  • These dates may be changed without prior notice.
  • Please arrive in Bellevue BEFORE the Check-In date.
  • Taking both Math and English assessment tests before registration is strongly recommended

Pre-arrival Online Orientation Modules

What is it?

It’s an easy to follow Pre-Arrival Online Orientation tool to help you be more prepared to study at Bellevue College while living in the United States as an international student.

 How to use it

  • Read your acceptance letter and find your BC student Identification Number (e.g., 950-11-1111). Your PIN is your birth date (e.g., December 25, 1990 = 12/25/90).
  • Create a BC student NetID and student e-mail address at
  • Use FireFox or Chrome browser and go to and use your NetID and PIN to log on to the pre-arrival online orientation program.
  • Choose “COLLEGE ORIENTATION” course and translation (if available) and follow the guides.
  • At the end of each module pass a quiz to move on to the next module.
  • If you have trouble accessing the site, please contact Diem O’Rourke at or

What if I do not do this?

You cannot register for classes until you complete the Pre-Arrival Online Orientation Modules.

Changes in your plan

Visa Denial?

If your F-1 visa request has been denied, please contact your admission coordinator immediately at

Need to change the starting quarter to a future term?

If you would like to defer/change your enrollment to a future quarter, please contact your admission coordinator immediately at


If you need to cancel your admission to BC, please contact your admission coordinator at and return your original I-20 to us by postal mail.