Community ESL Program (No I-20 Issued)

Sign up for a Community ESL class, go to:

What is it?

These are cost effective and fun ESL classes for the local community to improve general English skills. Community ESL classes are non-credit and non-graded; hence BC is unable to issue I-20s for F-1 students for this program. However, F-1 students may sign up for these as supplemental classes provided that they remain full-time in their I-20 program (e.g., intensive ESL or IBP programs).

For Whom?

Non-native English speakers who already live in the local community and wish to learn English in a non-academic setting. Students already have a valid immigration status and do not need an I-20 form from BC to remain legally in the US.

How long?

Program runs on a quarterly basis, about 10 weeks.

How many hours per day?

The length of each class depends on the courses, but most of them meet between one and four hours per week.

Age Requirements

17 years of age with completed underage waivers.

Quarterly Tuition and Fees:

Tuition range is anywhere from $225 to $375, plus fees.

Payment Due Date:

Payment is due upon registration.

Payment Methods:

Visa, MasterCard, Money Orders, Traveler’s Check, or Cash. Payment can be made via online or in person at the Cashiering office.

Important notes:

Community Programs refund policy: 100% refund for withdrawals before the 2nd class meeting; 50% refund for withdrawals before the 3rd class meeting; 0% refund for withdrawals after the 10th day of BC quarter. For questions about ESL Community program refunds, please call 425-564-2411.