International Business Professions Program


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What is it?

The International Business Professions (IBP) program consists of four quarters of IBP, English, and college level classes. Upon successful completion of the first three quarters of coursework, students participate in a 220-hour, unpaid observation period with a local company or organization tailored to each student’s area of interest.

For whom?

Primarily for college/university students and working professionals hoping to improve their overall English skills and business knowledge, and to attain practical workplace experience in the U.S.

F-1 visa holding students already attending a U.S. school can transfer directly to BC. Students in Japan must apply to the IBP Program through the agency ICC, or (Japanese).

How long?

It is a one-year (four quarters) program. One quarter is about 10 weeks long. The program begins in Fall and Spring only.

How many hours per day?

All IBP students are required to take 3 to 4 classes every quarter, except in the fourth quarter. At American colleges and universities, for every one credit hour in which you enroll, you will spend approximately two to three hours outside of class studying. (e.g., if you are enrolled in 12 credits (3 classes), about 24 – 36 hours outside of the class studying is needed.

Age Requirements

Applicants must be over the age of 18 with proof of high school graduation or equivalent.

Quarterly Tuition and Fees

Quarterly full-time costs about $3,200 plus textbooks.

Payment Due Date

All new students must pay their tuition and fees in full before the first day of classes.
** If you are an applicant from Japan, please contact ICC.

Payment Methods

Visa, MasterCard, Money Orders, Traveler’s Check, Cash or Wire Transfer from a bank. For a wire transfer, please contact the OIE office.