Card Options

Use your OneCard a number of ways. Choose the option best for you.

 1) Use as your photo ID – no registration required

Just pick up your OneCard and go. You’re not required to reqister it through this site if you only wish to use it as your student photo ID.  You’ll still be able to use the card in the library, cashier’s office—anywhere you’re asked for your student ID number on campus.  If you receive financial aid and do not register your OneCard, you’ll still receive your aid–it’ll just be disbursed to you through the mail via a paper check. 

2) Register your card for a “Basic” account to receive financial aid electronically and use as a Debit MasterCard®

If you’d like to receive your financial aid electronically onto your BC OneCard, register the card. You’ll need to opt-in for a “Basic” account through this site to choose this option.  Card registration begins Monday, March 3.   Once your financial aid is loaded onto the card, you’ll be able spend the money, use the debit card feature of your BC OneCard wherever Debit MasterCard® is accepted. You can also withdraw funds for free at any U.S. Bank or MoneyPass® ATM.  With this option, only Bellevue College can add money to your card.   This option is voluntary but highly encouraged.   Get more details about the financial aid disbursement service. 

3) Apply for a US Bank “Deluxe” account to add money to your card

Take your BC OneCard one more step and upgrade it to a “Deluxe” account.  You’ll  get all the benefits of Options 1 and 2 as outlined on this page, but you’ll also be able to add money to your OneCard from other sources such as your other existing bank accounts.  This last option will require providing a social security number to apply for the account.

4) Register your OneCard and set up direct deposit directly to your existing personal bank account

If you’d rather not have your financial aid disbursed electronically on to your BC OneCard, you can elect to have the college deposit the funds directly into your personal bank account.  To choose this option, register your BC OneCard and follow steps for direct deposit under “Disbursement Options.”