How to use your card

The Front of your Card

The front of your card includes your photograph, your name, and student ID number across the top portion. You’ll also find a Debit MasterCard┬« number with expiration date and your OneCard number.

Front of the OneCard. Student ID Number is below the students name, marked SID#. Below the students picture is the Debit MasterCard number. Below this is the OneCard Number.

The Back of your Card

On the back, there are two magnetic stripes.

Blue stripe

The wider (blue) stripe near the bottom of the card is used on campus primarily when swiping your card to retrieve your SID. Use the blue stripe in the Library Media Center when checking out books.

Black stripe

The thinner (black) stripe near the top of the card is used on ATMS and anywhere Debit MasterCard® is accepted.

Image of the back of a OneCard, illustrating the black stripe at the top, and the wider blue stripe at the bottom.

Last Updated March 19, 2014