Where to use your card


If you’ve chosen to have your financial aid disbursed directly onto your OneCard, you may pay for your school expenses with the card’s Debit MasterCard® feature.

Student services on campus

Your OneCard serves as your official student ID card, allowing you to gain entry to certain campus events and activities. The barcode on your OneCard may be easily scanned or swiped at the service counters of several offices on campus, including the Library Media Center to check out books.

Discounts from area businesses off-campus

Participating businesses* will give discounts to goods and services to those with official student IDs like the OneCard.   *Note: Bellevue College does not compile a list of businesses that offer discounts.

Anywhere Debit MasterCard® is accepted

When you register your OneCard and set up a “Basic” or “Deluxe” account with U.S. Bank, you may use your OneCard to pay for goods and services at any business that accepts Debit MasterCard®, provided your account contains enough funds to cover the purchase. Or, you can withdraw funds from your account for free at any U.S. Bank or MoneyPass® ATM.