Student-run Clubs

With over 80 clubs on campus each year, there’s sure to be a club for everyone! Clubs become active by “chartering” in order to have access to college resources, hold meetings and events on campus, and to enable them to raise funds for events. If you are interested in forming a club, visit the Forming a Club page to see the forms and process needed to charter a new club.

View the listing of Bellevue College Clubs:

Ice cream partyCurrently Active (Chartered) Clubs

Clubs that are chartered are currently active. Browse to the club you are interested in and explore the link for meeting times, contact information, and a link to the club Web site.



Club LogoCharter a New Club!

If you have a great idea for a club, start one here! The process is simple: you need an advisor (Bellevue College faculty or staff member), you need to read our policy manuals (links to those manuals will appear in the form), and you’ll need to attend an orientation once the club is chartered. Click the link to get started.


Flashmob clubInactive (Currently Unchartered) Clubs

Unchartered clubs are not currently active. Interested in starting one up again? Visit the Forming a Club page to get the scoop on how to charter.

 Resources for student clubs:


Attend an Orientation. Congratulations on your new club! To hold meetings and use college resources, you’ll need to attend a Club and Program Orientation.

Free Leadership and training opportunities. Did you know that Student Programs offers free seminars, workshops and conferences throughout the year? Get the most out of your club and gain skills to use in later life. Coming Spring Quarter: the Camp Casey Leadership Retreat on Whidbey Island! This is a free leadership retreat and you can attend.

Reserve a meeting room   (online form) Need to reserve a room for your club meeting? You can reserve Rooms C225 and C211 on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to use rooms in the Cafeteria or other classrooms on campus, you’ll need your Advisor’s approval to make the meeting room request. More information is available on the form.

Tips for successful meetings

Event planning guides on our Events & Activities page


Last Updated December 28, 2016