Student Government

OSLA group photo in Olympia

All students become members of ASG when they register for a class at Bellevue College. ASG Board members are elected annually by the student body to help govern the college and foster student life. ASG has a legislative arm, OSLA, which lobbies for students within state and local government.

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OSLA getting out the voteThe Office of Student Legislative Affairs (OSLA), the legislative arm of student government, lobbies on behalf of the student body in local, state, and federal governance. OSLA’s legislative platform is determined each Fall after surveying the student body for guidance on key issues to be worked on.

To learn more, visit the OSLA Website.

Become an ASG Officer!:

Voting dayASG officers are hired (a few offices are elected) in Spring Quarter. These students represent the entire student body through the next academic year. Activities of officers include participating in campus committees, supporting projects to improve education, and fostering campaigns to improve the lives of the campus community.

Visit the ASG Officers page for more information and to see the schedule of activities.

Last Updated March 13, 2017