Student Government

OSLA group photo in Olympia

You become a member of the Associated Students of Bellevue College when you register for a class at Bellevue College. ASG (Associated Student Government) represents your interests and work to foster student life. ASG has a legislative arm, OSLA, which lobbies for students within state and local government.

Explore student government:

Student council group photo

Explore OSLA:

OSLA getting out the voteThe Office of Student Legislative Affairs (OSLA), the legislative arm of student government, lobbies on behalf of students at the local and state level.

To learn more, visit the OSLA Website.

Become a member of ASG:

Voting dayWe hire ASG officers (a few offices are elected) during Spring Quarter. These students represent you through the next academic year. They participate on committees, survey you for your input on major campaigns, and foster projects that improve the lives of students.

Visit the ASG Officers page for more information and to see the schedule of activities.

Last Updated July 7, 2017