Thank you for visiting Outreach Services!  We are committed to building relationships with the community — with a goal of increasing access, opportunities and pathways for all students regardless of age and background.

How we can help you:

We can inform students, parents and the community about the opportunities and resources here at Bellevue College, and we promote Bellevue College as a valuable educational option. We engage with you by:

  • Traveling to high schools and presenting to students about the many options offered by BC
  • Participating in college fairs, career fairs and high school events
  • Providing individual and group tours
  • Sponsoring Open House and College Planning days
  • Reaching out to community organizations

Did you know?  Attending Bellevue College costs about one-third the cost of a four year Washington state college. Our transfer students do as well or better than students who start directly from a four-year school. Come and explore our campus!