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Bellevue College is the third largest college in the state of Washington and the college of choice for over 37,000 students annually — including 1,800 international students from over 70 countries, 1,600 Running Start students, and 950 students with¬†documented disabilities.

Fifty six percent of students seek a transfer degree, while 44% seek a professional/technical certificate or baccalaureate. The college has a history of winning industry and government support for inventive programs, such as a focus on training in science, technology, engineering and math, partnering with the National Science Foundation to expand our ComGen student genomics research initiative to other colleges, founding the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technology (NWCET) and the Washington Health IT Industry РEducational Council, developing the first skill standard adopted by the National Skills Standard Board, and working with the Department of Labor to expand Health Information Technology training.

As an open enrollment school, Bellevue College provides excellent educational value, high academic quality, and affordable tuition within an environment of teaching and learning excellence.



Last Updated December 16, 2016