Campus Closure: Inclement Weather

BC Alert: Main and North campuses closed due to inclement weather. No evening classes, events, or services. More Information.



Visit the Bookstore Website Website

BC’s main bookstore is located on the first floor of the Student Services Building. It is the main pick-up point for online-ordered textbooks and selected rental books. The North Campus also has a bookstore.

In addition to buying, renting or picking up online-ordered books, you will find Scantron test forms, required by many instructors for exams, and a variety of school needs: pens, paper, folders, binders and art supplies.

Miscellaneous merchandise, general books, software, candy, greeting cards, and BC-branded apparel may also be purchased there.

For the latest information, including hours of operation, deadlines for refunds, and dates of book buy-backs, please visit the Bellevue College Bookstore Online.


Last Updated March 3, 2014