1st Year Toddler

For: Children that are 1-year-old by August 31.Picture of little girl playing with a toy.


First Year Toddlers at Bellevue College (BC) are between 13 and 24 months of age when classes begin in late September. As the class continues through the following spring (late May), parents notice many changes in the growth and development of their children during this exciting year.

Your baby used to sit on the floor and play or contentedly gaze around the room while sitting on your lap. Now she’s on the GO, never knowing when to STOP! His curiosity and skill level can lead to behaviors both exciting AND exasperating for parents!

This is a “mommy and me” style class, where the caregiver (mom, dad, grandparent or nanny) attends the weekly 2-hour class with the child. During this two-hour class, there’s a period set aside for Parent Education, which covers topics like early learning, discipline, tantrums, and language development. Every other week you and half the parents meet with the parent education instructor for discussion and support while the other parents are with the children and their teachers. At first your child may want to sit on your lap, but soon he will discover that the room designed for him by the children’s teachers is a much more interesting place to be.

It’s fun to watch your child the first time you attend a 1st Year Toddler class together. There are new faces, exciting choices and fun activities in a classroom designed especially for this period of development. Wow! Goop to touch, vehicles to ride, water to pour, toys to manipulate, obstacles to climb, and songs to sing at music time. Parents make fast friends with the other parents in class, riding the same roller coaster of emotions–everything from amazement to bewilderment.

Your parent education instructor and children’s teachers guide you through this spirited stage of your child’s development.

Locations: Bellevue, Mercer Island, Renton, Sammamish and Snoqualmie.  Click on the class name below to see a map.

Visiting/Observing a Class:

Check our home page for open house opportunities. You can also schedule a visit during a class meeting time, from October to May, by contacting the instructor listed on the schedule.

How to Register and Tuition Information

To register for a class, go to our online registration form.

Tuition cost is $231 per quarter (fall, winter, and spring).  Parent Education Program fees include parents’ Bellevue College tuition as well as tuition for the children’s program.  Scholarships are available to registered families in need; confidential application is made through the class instructor.


Specific priority for One Day Classes: A second child from the same family will pay 50% less.

Schedule below is for 2014-2015 school year.

Class Location
Day & Time
Sammamish Wobblers and 1st Year Toddlers70061/13 - 10/13M 10:00a-12:00pBarbara Hill
Sammamish 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70076/12 - 2/13T 9:30-11:30aStephanie Sloan
Mercer Island 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70103/12 - 3/13W 9:30-11:30aCubba Reese
Mercer Island 1st Year Toddlers70119/12 - 8/13Th 9:30-11:30aMary Gentry
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70169/12 - 8/13M 9:30-11:30aStephanie Sloan
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70179/12 - 8/13T 9:30-11:30aLisa Allen
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70189/12 - 8/13W 9:30-11:30aLisa Allen
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70199/12 - 8/13Th 9:30-11:30aJanelle Durham
North Bellevue 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70224/12 - 8/13T eve 5:45-7:45pJanelle Durham
Renton 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70239/11 - 3/13F 9:30-11:30aSusan Reanier
Alpine 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers
9/11 - 3/13T 9:30-11:30aMelissa Harting
Note: 1st Year Toddler classes start in late September and run through May. Families are encouraged to enroll for the full school year for the maximum benefit. However, families can join at any time, if space is available in a class.

Please note that class times, days, locations and tuition are subject to change.