2nd Year Toddler

For: Children 2-years-old by August 31 for the school year beginning the following fall quarter.Picture of father and son having fun in autumn park


Your 2- to 3-year-old child isn’t ready for formal preschool, but she is ready for paint, play dough, a little rambunctious play with similar-aged playmates, and imaginative play. She still enjoys all these activities more when you are right by her side.

Parent and child come to class together. During this two-hour class, there’s a period set aside for Parent Education. Every other week you and half the parents meet with the parent education instructor for discussion and support while the other parents are with the children and their teachers. At first your child may want to sit on your lap, but soon he will discover that the room designed for him by the children’s teachers is a much more interesting place to be.

Topics for parent discussion include:

  • Toddler guidance techniques
  • Transitions:
    • Going from high chair to table
    • Diapers to underwear
    • Crib to bed
  • Pre-school selection
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Introducing the new baby
  • Appropriate expectations
  • Anger and temper tantrums
  • Play and learning activities
  • and more…

During this developmental period your child goes from needing you right by her side to preferring imaginative play time with a friend. These blossoming early social exchanges lay the foundation for friendships that come later.

As the children play more and more together, parents have time to develop their own friendships with the other parents.

Observe a Class

Classes do not meet during the summer. You may schedule an observation appointment anytime from October, after classes begin in the fall, until the school year ends in late May.

How to Register

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Specific priority for One Day Classes: A second child from the same family will pay 50% less.

Schedule below is for 2014-2015 school year.

Class Location
Day & Time
Sammamish 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70076/12 - 2/13T 9:30-11:30aStephanie Sloan
Mercer Island 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70103/12 - 3/13W 9:30-11:30aCubba Reese
Eastgate Tues. 2nd Year Toddlers70149/11 - 8/12T 9:30-11:30aJennifer Watanabe
Eastgate Mon. 2nd Year Toddlers70249/11 - 8/12M 9:30-11:30aWendy Hatheway
North Bellevue 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70224/12 - 8/13T eve 5:45-7:45pWendy Hatheway
Renton 2nd Year Toddlers70239/11 - 8/12F 9:30-11:30aWendy Hatheway
Mercer Island 2nd Year Toddlers70279/11 - 8/12T 9:30-11:30aCubba Reese
Issaquah 2nd Year Toddlers70299/11 - 8/12M 9:30-11:30aCubba Reese
Crossroads 2nd Year Toddlers70309/11 - 8/12W 9:30-11:30aJennifer Watanabe
Crossroads 2nd Year Toddlers7031 9/11 - 8/12Th 9:30-11:30aJennifer Watanabe
Crossroads 2nd Year Toddlers70399/11 - 8/12F 9:30-11:30aJennifer Watanabe
Sammamish 2nd Year Toddlers70349/11 - 8/12Th 9:30-11:30aWendy Hatheway
Two-Day Sammamish Young 3s70359/11 - 2/12W, F 9:30-11:30a
(two day Young-3's class)
Sharon Romppanen
Alpine 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers
70369/11 - 3/13T 9:30-11:30 a Wendy Hatheway
Note: 2nd Year Toddler classes start in late September and run through May each school year.

Please note that class times, days, locations and tuition are subject to change.