Unique One-Day Enrichment Programs

To further enrich your child’s school experience, the Parent Education Department at Bellevue College (BC) offers unique Enrichment Classes for children. These classes offer an explosion of activities to excite the mind and growing interest of the preschool to early elementary-aged child. Whichever class you choose, your child is certain to burst forth with enthusiasm for the creative discoveries he makes through full, hands-on participation.

Enrichment Programs Class Schedule for 2016-17

Class LocationItem#AgeDay & TimeContact
Creative Development Lab (CDL)70913 - 5 years
(3 by 12/31/16)
T 9:30-11:30aWendy Hatheway
Creative Development Lab (CDL)70903 - 5 years
(3 by 12/31/16)
T 12:45-2:45pWendy Hatheway
Creative Development Lab (CDL)70923 - 5 years
(3 by 12/31/16)
F 9:30-11:30aWendy Hatheway
Sammamish Art & Science Enrichment Lab70453 1/2 - 5 years
(3 1/2 by start of session)
W 12:30-2:45pTaryn
Discovery Lab70945 - 7 years (5 by 8/31/16)M 3:45-5:45pWendy Hatheway
Discovery Lab70955 - 7 years (5 by 8/31/16)W 2:30-4:30pWendy Hatheway
Saturday Family Inventors' Lab70993 - 6 yearsSat 10:00a-12:00pWendy Hatheway
Saturday Family Inventors' Lab70933 - 6 yearsSat 1:30-3:30pWendy Hatheway
Beyond Five
(Parents Only)
7096FOR PARENTS ONLY who have children age 5 and older.W 7:15-9:00p
once a month
Judy Witmer
Note: These unique Enrichment Program classes start in late September and run through May each school year.

Please note that class times, days, locations and tuition are subject to change. However, we do not anticipate changes at this time.


Creative Development Lab

We do the messy projects you may not want to do at home! Each week we offer a new curriculum theme for the children’s program with a large variety of art and creative activities.

Discovery Lab

Each week students will have the opportunity to conduct experiments, perform simple dissections, and make creative science projects. Discovery Lab aims to introduce science as an enjoyable and accessible investigation of the world around us.

Sammamish Arts & Science Lab

We offer hands-on exploration of a weekly curriculum focus through art and science activities which support and help children deepen their understanding of that focus.

Parent-Only Classes

Two different quarterly classes – one specifically designed for parents of older children over five, and one offered completely online.