Saturday Classes for Dads

For: Dads and their children ages 2 1/2 – 7.



This is a weekly class for Dads and kids, playing and learning together. Come ready to build cities from blocks, be scientists discovering how things work, play ball outside, as well as enjoy stories, music and movement activities.

We’ll have opportunities for Dad to participate in parent education discussions as well as learning through field trips and fascinating speakers. Key elements of our time together will focus on the importance of fathering and the role we play in our children’s lives.

We’ll explore:

  • Child development from toddler to preschool to elementary school age
  • Play as learning
  • Child guidance support
  • and many more topics

Our kids will have a blast making friends, doing fun activities and singing songs. Come join us for this unique experience. This class will include activities that the group decides upon together, and will be led by early childhood teachers and a Bellevue College (BC) parent education faculty member.

In order to join the fun, your child(ren) must be at least 2 1/2 and no older than 7 by August 31. Siblings (i.e., more than one child per dad) are welcome to enroll.  This will be a sibling class for a limited number of families.

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Bellevue College
3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Q116
Bellevue, WA

Visiting / Observing a Class

Check our home page for open house opportunities. You can also schedule a visit during a class meeting time, from October to May, by contacting the instructor listed on the schedule.

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How to Register and Tuition Information

To register, go to our online registration form.

Tuition cost is $231 per quarter (fall, winter, and spring).  Parent Education Program fees include parents’ Bellevue College tuition as well as tuition for the children’s program.  Scholarships are available to registered families in need; confidential application is made through the class instructor.

NOTE:  A tuition discount for the second child from the same family will apply.