Group Tutorial Info

Attendance of groups is extremely useful; it will give you the opportunity to
meet and work with other logic students as well as receive individual attention
and guidance from the tutor. Discussions generally include application of
theories presented in lecture, tips on test taking and studying, as well as
specific questions on homework. These meetings are free and open to students of
all grade standings. Because logic classes move quickly and cover a good deal of
material, you are strongly encouraged to come to several study groups. These
sessions will make the most efficient use of your study time, with the emphasis
placed on quality, not quantity, of study. Meeting times will be posted in your
classroom. If the times set for groups conflict with your work or class
schedule, please let the tutor know. The tutor may drop in on the class
throughout the quarter, so he or she will be easy to contact. Also, information
on tutorials will be posted on the bulletin board.