Individual Tutoring

picture1Students with a grade of C- or below are eligible for two hours a week of one-on-one help through BC’s Academic Success Center (D204). This is a free service, requiring only that you fill out the necessary paperwork and hand it in BEFORE scheduling appointments with the tutor. Tutor Request forms can be found in D204; they MUST be signed by your instructor to ensure eligibility. To make sure you get a good time slot, talk to the tutor as early in the quarter as possible.
Unfortunately, there is only one tutor; so if you wait too long the tutor may only have availability to work with you once a week. Students may also make private arrangements with the tutor for a fee to be agreed upon by the tutor and the student. Private sessions are done outside of scheduled group tutorials. See the tutor to determine if he is able and willing to provide private tutorials.