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Original Date: 9/8/1992     *     Last Revision Effective: 9/11/2012
Policy Contact: Vice President, Instruction


The library media center (LMC) provides the information resources needed by students, faculty, staff and the community to encourage learning, innovation, intellectual integrity and civic responsibility. The LMC resources and services support the college’s mission to provide accessible services and meet the changing educational needs of our diverse community. This policy applies to all Bellevue College employees, students and library users who use any of the library media center resources and facilities.

    • Library Media Center Services
      The library media center maintains a web site and publishes a brochure summarizing information about the LMC, including:
      • Hours of service
      • Circulation of collections (including print and non-print materials)
      • Services and resources available (including media, equipment, and facilities)
    • Charges
      Charges are levied for overdue, lost, damaged materials and equipment.  Replacement charges will include cost of replacement plus a processing fee.  Replacement costs for items that are no longer in print or not available for purchase will be based upon the cost of a similar item plus a processing fee.

      Charges for overdue materials will be according to a fee schedule that is posted at the circulation desk area and the LMC web site and brochure. When materials are not returned, or charges not paid, holds are placed on the transcript of records of those involved—only as a sanction to cause the ultimate return of the library material in order to protect the integrity of the library collections. Students may appeal charges by following the library fines appeal procedure as detailed in the LMC manual of policies and procedures, a copy of which is available in the reserve collection.



    Original 9/8/1992
    Revisions 3/22/2005; 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012


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