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Original Date: 3/25/2008     *     Last Revision Effective: 9/11/2012
Policy Contact:  Vice President, Human Resources


President’s staff (PS) supports the adoption of hiring procedures that provide more open and accessible opportunities for college employees to participate in temporary and interim administrative assignments that the college may have available from time to time, providing such procedures afford the president sufficient flexibility to manage the college. The following procedures are intended to be administered consistent with the college’s cultural pluralism policy, other applicable Bellevue College policies, bargaining unit contracts, and federal and state laws and regulations regarding employment and salary administration.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide increased access to temporary and interim opportunities
  • Increase transparency in hiring practices
  • Increase opportunities for employees to gain valuable experience and to demonstrate their skills in specific areas
  • Maintain accountability for daily operations
  • Facilitate matching available assignments with available expertise
  • Ensure capable people in key positions who can perform the needed work
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the institution
  • Build broader base of talent to meet future needs

Applicable Assignments

The following assignments are subject to the provisions of this procedure:

  • Interim vacant, funded administrative positions for which immediate and continuous support in the area is required while a permanent candidate is being recruited and/or while the position is under review for revisions to the duties, assignments, or reporting relationships.
  • Temporary project-based administrative work two quarters or more in duration.


Temporary/interim appointments may be exempted from these procedures for any of the following reasons:

  • Committee or co- or extra-curricular assignments with associated release time; grant work; employee-initiated special assignments.
  • Legal requirements, such as accommodation, legal settlements.
  • Reassignment of existing administrative staff or transitional assignments.
  • Outside consultants with specific expertise.
  • Unforeseen situations deemed necessary for operations by the president.

Nothing in this process will preclude candidates who serve in an interim capacity from applying for the permanent position. 


  • The hiring head will draft a position/assignment description that includes purpose, major duties, qualifications, duration, and compensation, and will submit to HR for approval. 
  • Once the interim/temporary position/assignment is approved, the hiring head will send the position/assignment description and announcement to all-BC-FYI inviting letters of interest, allowing a week or more for internal candidates to submit a letter of interest.
  • The hiring head reserves the right to select from the internal pool. If s/he does not receive a suitable candidate, s/he may select someone to perform the duties.
  • Once an assignment is made, the selection and projected duration of the assignment will be communicated to the college community. 
  • HR will keep records on the number of interim/temporary positions/assignments filled in this manner and may compare these statistics against the benchmark determined on May 22, 2007 (26% of temporary, interim and permanent administrative assignments were appointed).  HR will poll the hiring heads and the employee pluralism committee for the effectiveness of this process and will review this procedure on an annual basis.


Original 3/25/2008
Revision 7/1/2009; 9/11/2012


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