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5100P Software Licensing Compliance (Procedures)

Original Date: 6/10/2003     *     Last Revision Effective: 9/11/2012
Policy Contact: Vice President, Information Resources


The following procedures are established to meet the requirements for implementing policy #5100 – Software Licensing Compliance.


Software Installation

All software installations and/or upgrades will be done by an authorized information resources technical support staff member, or designee authorized by the vice president of information resources. 

  • Only software for which the original media, a valid proof of purchase by Bellevue College (generally an invoice), and an authorized license spelling out the number of copies licensed by Bellevue College are available will be installed on any Bellevue College computers, except as noted in this policy. It is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure that valid proof has been provided to computing services.
  • All licenses, proof of purchase (invoices) and original media for software licensed by Bellevue College will be kept and maintained by computing services. Individual users will be given copies of this documentation, if desired, upon request. Bellevue College systems and network administrators may securely store and maintain any specialized software required to provide any unique services, as authorized by the vice president of information resources. 
  • Information resources technical support personnel will not support software or computers that are not owned by Bellevue College and/or installed by a member of the IR team, or authorized designee.
  • It is not acceptable for a Bellevue College user to copy software from any desktop computer at any time.
  • It is not acceptable for a Bellevue College user to launch (or otherwise access) software not properly installed on his/her desktop computer.

The complete processes, procedures and requirements related to software installations are identified in the Bellevue College IT security standard addressing software management.

Use of Personal Software for Work Purposes

Personally-owned software may be installed on Bellevue College-owned computers, provided the software is used to provide educational support to students (classrooms and labs), or for work purposes (office). Only software personally-owned by Bellevue College employees will be installed on Bellevue College-owned computers. 

For the purposes of this policy, shareware that has not been purchased by Bellevue College, demonstration software, and software which accompanies legitimately distributed textbooks (and is licensed to a user by virtue of ownership of that textbook) are considered “personally-owned” software for purposes of this policy. 

  • Personal software may be used in Bellevue College offices, labs or classrooms in a manner compliant with the software’s licensing agreement, with this policy and with the Bellevue College IT security standard addressing software management.
  • The specific licensing expectations, processes, procedures and requirements for the use of personal software are identified in the Bellevue College IT security standard addressing software management.

Use of Bellevue College-owned software at home

When software licensing permits, Bellevue College may provide loaner disks of software to Bellevue College employees for installation on personal home computers. 

  • Employees are not licensed to use the software at home for personal purposes; any such use must only be for work-related activities. Employees may not use copies of software licensed to Bellevue College on employee-owned computers without prior authorization.
  • The method of obtaining such authorization and the processes, procedures and requirements for this type of software use are identified in the Bellevue College IT security standard addressing use of Bellevue College resources off-campus.

Use of Bellevue College-owned computers at home

Under certain circumstances Bellevue College employees may be authorized to take Bellevue College-owned computing systems home for use in fulfilling their official duties. 

  • IR technical support staff will perform the initial installation and software configuration. 
  • Employees will be required to have administrative approval for this type of use and will be required to fill out and have signed a portable equipment use form (found in the MyBC Forms Library) before taking any equipment from campus. 
  • All provisions for the use of state-owned equipment identified in the Bellevue College Acceptable Use of State Resources policy will apply. 
  • All provisions of the Software Licensing Compliance policy and the policy on the Acceptable Use of Bellevue College Networks and Systems will apply.
  • The specific processes, procedures and requirements for this type of equipment use are identified in the Bellevue College IT security standard addressing use of Bellevue College resources off-campus.

Donated Software

In some situations software licenses may be donated to Bellevue College for use in support of its educational mission. All software licenses donated to Bellevue College will be processed through the office of institutional advancement, just as any other donation of money or goods. Any individual employee receiving donated software media or licenses which have not been appropriately processed in this manner has a responsibility to deliver or have delivered those items to that office.

Once the software licenses have been appropriately processed under the procedures of institutional advancement, the software licenses and any accompanying media will have become Bellevue College-owned software, and will be delivered to computing services for storage and distribution. The same proof of ownership required for any other software will be needed before such software can be installed on any Bellevue College resource.

Transfer and Disposal of Computers and Software

To ensure that software licenses and copyright laws are not violated when a computer or software is transferred within Bellevue College, or when it is externally disposed of, such transfers and disposals shall only be conducted by computing services. The processes and procedures that shall be followed when there is a transfer or disposal of a Bellevue College computer or software are detailed in the Bellevue College IT security standards addressing software management and media disposal.

Monitoring and Administration

Bellevue College information resources (IR) personnel authorized by the Bellevue College IT security administrator or his/her designee will actively scan the Bellevue College network and all Bellevue College-owned computers to ensure compliance with this policy. This scanning may take place remotely, or by IR support personnel physically present at a workstation.

Installed software identified as being out-of-compliance with this policy, with the provisions of the Bellevue College IT security standard addressing software management, or in violation of federal, state or local copyright laws will be removed. Best efforts will be made to contact the responsible user to verify compliance prior to removal of the software, but if the user cannot be contacted within a reasonable time, the software will be removed without notice.


Violation of any of the provisions of this, or any Bellevue College IT policy, standard or procedure will be dealt with immediately and may result in disciplinary review. In such a review, the full range of disciplinary sanctions is available, including:

  • Permanent loss of computer use privileges;
  • Denial of  future access to Bellevue College IT resources;
  • Disciplinary action – any disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with appropriate procedures as established by the vice president of human resources (for employees) or the associate vice president of student success (for students);
  • Dismissal from the college; and/or
  • Legal action. 

Those users who misuse or abuse any computing or network resource may have their login accounts closed and access to the systems immediately terminated. Some violations may also constitute a state, local or federal criminal offense.



Original 6/10/2003
Revision 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012


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