Do I have to attend all classes?

Yes. We want students to learn and progress. Classes meet for 4 hours per week (link to flyer). In order to learn and progress, students should complete 44 hours/1 quarter of instruction. If you cannot attend a class, you should communicate with the instructor and ask for an authorized absence.

I cannot attend the first class/registration. What should I do?

Contact the instructor and the administrator. Ask for permission to arrive late and give a reason for absence. The instructor will consider your request and provide further instructions.

I have a vacation planned.  Is it okay to miss class?

No, it is not okay. In order to learn and progress, students should take the class when they are able to attend all classes.

If I attend all classes, will I receive a certificate?

Students who attend all classes and complete all assignments will receive a Certificate of Completion.  This program is not a credit class and does not count towards a degree or any other certification.

Last Updated December 3, 2013