Class Information


What will I learn in these classes?

Students will learn about finding a job in the U.S. and communicating at work. Each class is different.

  1.  On the Job Communications, a level 6 class for advanced ESL students who want to learn about communicating effectively at work. Students learn to write business e-mails and letters, understand the American culture and business environment, solve every day problems in the workplace, participate in company meetings, make presentations and work as a team.
  2. Preparing for Work, a level 5/6 class for high intermediate to advanced students who want to find a job in the U.S. Students learn to write a resume and cover letter, practice interview skills, set goals and research job information, and discover ways of finding employment.
  3. Working in English, a level 4/5 class for intermediate students who would like to improve workplace communications. Students listen to directions and requests, write messages and complete forms, speak with co-workers, supervisors and customers, and read e-mails, instructions, notices and pay slips.

Will these classes help me to find a job?

The Preparing for Work class helps students to learn about finding jobs in the U.S. Students learn how to write resumes and cover letters, how to interview and how to find job openings.  Students receive practical information and job search techniques that build confidence and help them to take the necessary steps in finding employment. The class provides many resources: information and ideas, as well as connections and links to many organizations.

Can I attend an ESL class and take your class during the same quarter?

Yes, students are eligible to attend ESL classes. For more information about the ESL program, please review


Last Updated December 3, 2013