Class Information



On the Job Communications is a class that is offered free to the ESL community living in Bellevue. Students will find a warm, welcome from the instructor, who invites students to attend, learn and develop their knowledge of communicating in the workplace.

Required textbook:  Send Me A Message by Mackey, Daphne.  (2004) (ISBN: 0-07-295351-9) McGraw Hill: NY.  Available in the Bellevue College bookstore, and at online bookstores.


This class would be good for students who are:

  • Interested in working in a paid or volunteer job, in the U.S., now or in the near future.
  • ESL level 6 (advanced level).
  • Ready to attend all classes and complete all assignments.
  • Willing to study one hour online each week. This is a requirement of the class.

In this class, students will learn to:


  1. Edit and write business documents such as e-mail and letters.
  2. Make requests using formal and informal communications, direct and indirect language.
  3. Correct punctuation, capitalization and layout.


  1. Read business e-mails and letters, identifying mistakes.
  2. Read case studies about workplace situations and understand the main problem.
  3. Read a report and an agenda for a meeting.

Speak / Listen

  1. Participate actively in pair work, group work and as a whole class. Students will gain confidence asking questions, giving feedback and reading out loud.
  2. Leave a message in a formal, business situation.
  3. Share ideas, give opinions, and participate actively in a department meeting.
  4. Make a short presentation on a business related topic. Students will learn about structure and delivery of presentations.