Class Information



Working in English is a class that is offered free to the ESL community living in Bellevue.  In class, students learn specific strategies about how to communicate with their supervisors, co-workers, and customers.  At the end of the class, students leave with stronger communication skills and more success in their current jobs, as well as more confidence to succeed in a better job.

Required text book: Job Success, by New Reader Press, ISBN# 9781564204974, available in the Bellevue College Bookstore.



This class would be good for students who are: 

• Currently working or interested in working in the U.S.
• Interested in working as a volunteer or in a paid position.
• ESL levels 4/ 5 (intermediate/ high intermediate levels).
• Ready to attend all classes and complete all assignments.

In this class, students will learn to:


  1. Write or email a message to a supervisor
  2. Request a schedule change
  3. Complete work forms including a repair order and accident report
  4. Set job related goals


  1. Read job announcements and newsletters
  2. Read safety warnings, work forms, and an employee benefits manual
  3. Read a paycheck and pay stub

Speak / Listen

  1. Ask clarification questions when they don’t understand
  2. Ask the manager or supervisor to change their work schedule
  3. Understand, follow and respond to instructions from their supervisor
  4. Report a safety hazard
  5. Use small talk in the workplace
  6. Deal with mistakes
  7. Ask for elaboration