This is a sample waiver test for IT101 at Bellevue College. There are 20 questions on this sample test. Simply click on the dropdown box and select the letter that corresponds to the correct answer. Please note that on this sample test, EACH miss is counted against you, even if they are on a single question.

The real waiver exam is given on a computer, timed for two hours, and there are 80 questions on the actual test. A score of at least 78%, or at least correct answers to 63 questions, is needed to pass the actual test. If you are currently enrolled in the class, you must complete the test by end of day on Monday of the second week to use the test in place of the class. The actual test may be taken twice per year. The time limit for the test is 120 minutes.

To make an appointment to take the test, go to Assessment, B 132F or call (425) 564-2243.